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Packing a Clock      Packing a Watch

If you like, you may mail your clock or watch to us for a free estimate. Please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address (if you like),value of the item (as best as you can determine), and a description of the problem. Be sure to adequately insure the package.

We will then contact you with an estimate and won't start the work until you give the authorization. If you decide not to have the work done, we will charge you for the shipping.

When the repair is completed, we will notify you. We will tell you the cost of the job and mailing. Once we receive your payment, check or money order, we will send the clock or watch to you.

Below are instructions for packing your clock or watch:

Packing a Clock
1: Obtain a strong, sturdy box which will allow about 3 - 4 inches of space on each side for packing.
2: Remove pendulum and keys and loose items. Wrap them separately and place them in an envelope. No loose parts should be inside the clock.
3: If there are weights, do not send them unless they are small (such as for a cuckoo clock). Just jot down how much they weigh and I will test the clock with weights I have in the shop. If you send them, wrap them up individually. Some people find putting them in tube socks a way to keep it from damaging other things in the package. Make sure to pack them in the bottom of the box.
4: Wrap the clock in bubble wrap. Then use plenty of packing material around it.

Mail insured to:
John Appelt
367 McConnell Rd.
Brandon, VT 05733

If you have any questions, you can contact John Appelt at (802) 247-4632.

Packing a Watch
1: Wrap the watch in a piece of bubble wrap.
2: Place this into an envelope or plastic bag.
3: Wrap this in another piece of bubble wrap or put it in a padded envelope.
4: Place this into a small box making sure it is packed so it does not shift. The Post Office has free small priority boxes that are ideal for this. Do not use the flat rate boxes as your package will not likely weigh that much.

Mail insured to:
367 McConnell Rd.
Brandon, VT 05733

If you have any questions, you can contact John Appelt at (802) 247-4632.

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