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If you like, you may mail your small clock or watch to us for a free estimate. (Before you do, contact me to see if I repair it.) Please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and a description of the problem. Be sure to adequately insure the package.

I will then contact you with an estimate and won't start the work until you give the authorization. If you decide not to have the work done, I will charge you only for the shipping.

Below are instructions for packing your small clock or watch:

Packing a Small Clock or Watch
1: Wrap the item in a piece of bubble wrap.
2: Place this into an envelope or small box.
3: Wrap this in another piece of bubble wrap or put it in a padded envelope.
4: Place this into a larger box making sure it is packed so it does not shift.

Mail insured to:
367 McConnell Rd.
Brandon, VT 05733

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