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Clock Repair Prices      Watch Repair Prices

Clock Repair Prices*

Overhaul of Clocks
Shelf/Wall Grandfather
Time $100.00 $200.00
Time & Strike/Alarm $165.00 $250.00
Time & Strike & Chime/Music/Repeater $185.00 $385.00
Time & Strike & 3 Chime $195.00 $400.00
Add for each item below
Fusee $50.00
Calendar (built in) $20.00
Calendar (separate) $100.00
Cable (each) $40.00
Suspension spring $35.00
Mainspring $75.00
Click $45.00
Pivots or teeth $65.00
Glass (plain) $40.00

Watch Repair Prices*

Overhaul of Pocket or Wrist Watch
Manual, pocket, wrist $90.00
Automatic, alarm $125.00
Chronograph $450.00
High grade watches $250.00
Add for each item below
Staff $65.00
Mainspring $65.00
Stem and Crown $55.00
Crystal, round plastic, mineral glass $40.00
Crystal, fancy, sapphire, pocket $60.00
Batteries $10.00
Band Repair $20.00
Hands, Markers reset $20.00
Gasket $10.00
Dial Refinishing $105.00+
Quartz Movement $50.00+
Pair of Hands $20.00
Screw-down crowns $85.00
Pair Spring Bars $5.00
Roller Jewel $55.00

* These prices are a general guideline. Prices may vary depending on the item.
† Grandfather clock prices include pick up and set up in local area. Prices will be higher for longer distances. Large hall clocks such as Herschede and tubular chiming clocks are no longer being done.
‡ Such as certain models of Movado, Tissot, LeCoultre, Cartier, Concord, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling, etc.

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